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Over the last 50 plus years we have aquired many thank you's and gifts from our satisfied customers. Here's a few of the more memorable ones from the last 10 years or so. You can view the orginal of each one by clicking on the link below the "Thank You"




I took my old Mitsubishi to them to get a diagnosis on the transmission.  They told me that it needed to be rebuilt and I asked for an estimate.  They gave me one and  I called four other shops and found Dunham's to be less than the median number.  I asked Dunham's what happens to the estimate if they find the transmission needs more than they thought.  I was told that if things were very bad in there, it would be a hundred more, two hundred at the most.  A few days later, I called and they said that the interior was worse than they thought and that the age of my van was making parts hard to come by.  They searched nationally and found the planetary gears and other things they needed.  The bill was a hundred more than the estimate.  It's been two weeks and it runs just fine with a one year parts and labor warranty.  Good communication and good work.

John K - Milwaukee

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I had my 08 Buick fixed here after the dealer told me I was going to need a $3000 fix. Dunhams took one look at the car and told me it was a $300 sensor that was causing all my problems! I am very happy with the work they did.

Richard Green

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Thank you so much for taking the extra time to get my Porsche running great. You have a excellent staff - really terrific.

Best Regards Cliff

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On Friday I brought my Saturn Vue in for a diagnostic and road test. You were my 4th estimate that day. The Two Dealers I went to each did a 2 minute road test and immediately quoted me $2,400 for a new transmission. Your competitor Badger Transmission did the exact same thing. My family does not have room in its budget for a $2,400 car repair.

I wanted  to thank you for taking the time to perform a thorough road and diagnostic test. Most importantly, I appreciate Tom's honesty by explaining to me that a fluid and tune up could most likely solve my issue. So far, it has. Not only did Dunham's properly diagnose the issue and thus far fix it, you saved my family from going into an unnecessary $2,400 debt.

I will be sure to go out of my way to recommend Dunham's to everyone I know. Thanks again and even though I hope that I'll never have to do buisness with you again, I will be sure to treturn with any future transmission needs.

Thanks again,

David Bannister 

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Dear Tom:

I wish to thank you and your staff for the superb transmission repair done to my 1993 Cadillac Eldorado. I know how many units you tried and installed in my car, and weren't satisfied in any but the last. It's running well now, thanks to your dedication and commitment.

This is the first transmission repair I ever needed and I feel very fortunate that Joanne and Kendall from J&P Motors recommended you as the only plae to take my Cadillac.

Thanks again,

Dale K Hidde

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Dear Mark and Tom,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your persistence in continuing to feret out the problem with my crew cab truck. Even though the issues at hand were irritating and frustrating for both of us, it was truly a joy to do buisness with you.

The efforts you extended were so positive, that I'm wirting the Better Business Bureau to appraise them of your superior service.


Pat Egland

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